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Paragliding in Hongkong!

Hongkong's spectacular outdoor scene offers amazing opportunities for paragliding, particularly unique due to the fact that we have easily accessible mountains just minutes away from the city centre.  You can have a morning coffee, and less than an hour later you can be looking down at the world below you!

Paragliding is a year-round activity in Hongkong, making it a wonderful place to get a taste of free flight, without the need to travel to some far flung land.  Beautiful parkland scenery provides us with unforgettable hikes, while warm weather makes for pleasant flights.

As THE ONLY government-authorized and insured commercial tandem paragliding operator in Hongkong, we bring you an opportunity to safely experience the wonders of tandem paragliding flight under the care and supervision of fully-licensed, trained and experienced pilots.  Not only can we give you an eagle's eye view of Hongkong, we can just about make you feel like an eagle!

Join us for a wonderful adventure high above the hills, jungles and skyscrapers. Together we will hike and fly off a mountain, touch the clouds, and then gently land on a sandy beach!

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Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly

Paragliding Adventures in Hongkong

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About Us

Flying since 2015, Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly is THE ONLY commercial tandem paragliding operator authorized by the Hongkong Civil Aviation Department, licensed, registered and insured with APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors). 

With thousands of flights worth of experience, we are industry leaders and set quality and safety standards others follow.

Dedicated to total customer experience, our team of professional paraglider pilots ensures maximum safety and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Let's fly!

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The Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly Experience

Our game-changing tandem paragliding centre is a place for everyone to experience the joys of free flight. The amazing mix of hiking, fitness, adrenaline, learning, and fun will leave you exhilarated and craving more adventure in the sky.  Tandem flight is a great one-off experience, or an amazing introduction to the wonderful world of paragliding.  Come alone, with friends or the whole family—let’s have some fun!



In airsport, safety is everything.

We spend hours analyzing weather maps and forecasts before we make our flight plans.  Prior to every flight, we conduct windspeed checks and a radar scan to ensure we do not fly into rain or thunderstorms.  In flight, we are always scanning the weather in case things are changing and we need to land.

We utilize latest and safest equipment, which is inspected and replaced on regular basis.  All our gliders are equipped with emergency parachutes, and all our pilots are in radio contact with each other as well as ground crew who keep a watchful eye on the operation.

To ensure safe separation from airplanes, our flights are only conducted within air traffic zones assigned to paragliders by Civil Aviation Department.


Pre-flight Preparation

Our flight equipment is meticulously checked prior to every flight, and we run a strict protocol of safety checklists to make sure no items are skipped.

We assist you with donning your personal safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.  Additional items such as wrist guards and gloves are available upon request.

From the first contact, to the moment your feet touch the ground again, we explain every step.  We ask you to watch pre-flight briefing videos while still at home, but you will be given further highly detailed instructions once you arrive at the takeoff site.  Careful briefings and practice sessions ensure you understand your role.  This makes flights fun and enjoyable, while keeping everyone safe and sound!


Flight Experience

The flights are a mix of extreme adrenaline and zen. We call it "adrenalizen".  The moment you are clipped in and standing at the mountainside, you might be questioning what you got yourself into.  Then you get the signal and we run forward.  You might let out a bit of a scream, or not.  Then the wing inflates, and you find yourself hanging from the straps, hundreds of metres above the jungle, with an enormous smile on your face!  We ask that while you do enjoy the scenery, every so often you smile at the camera which is documenting the whole experience.
Depending on the wind conditions and your mood, we either do a gentle ride, enjoying the scenery, or we amp it up with a bit of aerobatic flight and high-G manoeuvres before coming to a soft landing.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about your paragliding adventure with Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly, send us a message using the form, or via the contacts below:

WhatsApp: +852 6767 3372 (text only)

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