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Paragliding above Shek O and Dragons Bac

Hongkong's Tandem Paragliding Sites

Exploring Hongkong from Above!

Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly conducts tandem flights at 3 sites approved for paragliding by the Civil Aviation Department.  In addition to being safe from commercial aircraft interference, these sites have been selected for their accessibility, safe takeoffs/landings, and beautiful vistas.  All of our sites are accessible by public transit (meeting points are all at MTR stations OR easy-to-locate bus stops). 

Our sites have clear takeoff areas allowing us to fly in a variety of wind conditions, as well as safe landing and emergency landing areas, should the need arise to quickly terminate the flight.

Finally, all takeoff areas are in Country Park areas assigned by Agriculture and Fisheries Department, which means you will be awed even before your feet leave the ground!


Daily flight plans and site selection are ALWAYS made based on weather/wind conditions, not on passenger preference.  Only once these safety considerations are satisfied can we go with personal flight site preferences.  To maximize comfort, safety, and efficiency, you must agree to travel to any of the sites that we operate at.  But don't worry, they are all beautiful, and will leave you with the same size smile on your face!

Flying Sites: Facilities

Dragon's Back (Shek O)

Stretching for 8.5 km between Big Wave Bay and Cape D'Aguilar, Dragon's Back is a beautiful mountain ridge towering high above the village of Shek O and Shek O Country Club.  It is a remarkably scenic area popular with hikers and trail runners, but absolutely nothing beats seeing it from the air!
The takeoff area is located about 500m north of the Shek O peak, right on Stage 8 of Hong Kong Trail.
You can easily get there from Shau Kei Wan MTR station, followed by a brief taxi or bus ride to Lan Nai Wan bus stop, and then a 15 minute hike to the top of the ridge. Don't forget your camera!

Hongkong Hike N Fly Shek O Dragons Back.
Hongkong Hike N Fly Lantau Paragliding.j

Lantau East

Located on the jungle-covered slopes of magnificent Sunset Peak, Lantau East takeoff site is perched some 386 metres above sea level.  Renowned for epic views of the South China Sea, as well as the Wanshan Archipelago, this site offers the most nature-immersing experience, as more than 50% of Lantau Island is a national park.  Flights over Lantau Island (dubbed "the lungs of Hongkong") will present you with beautiful views of mountain peaks, waterfalls, and indigenous forests.  More often than not, a curious eagle with come by to check us out in flight!

Ma On Shan (Saikung)

Named after the towering twin peaks dominating this beautiful country park, Ma On Shan paragliding site is the highest and largest in Hongkong.  Perched 396 metres above sea level, high up on a grassy ridge immediately to the south of Pyramid Hill, it is unique in Hongkong in that it offers "top landings" -- paragliders lift off the ridge, soar up on the winds pushing against the mountain, climb up, experience 360 degree views of Hongkong (on clear days, Shenzhen as well), and then come back to a gentle landing on top of the same ridge they have taken off from.  'Surfing the wind' is by far the best way to "climb" up Pyramid Hill and Ma On Shan mountain, all without wearing out your sneakers!

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