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Where do you fly, and how do I get there?

We conduct paragliding activities above Sunset Peak on Lantau Island, at Ma On Shan near Sai Kung, and at Dragon's Back above Shek O. 

Our meeting spots are either at MTR stations (Tung Chung, University, or Shau Kei Wan) OR easy to get to bus stops (Pak Kung Au for Lantau flights and Lan Nai Wan for Dragon’s Back flights)

The LOCATION AS WELL AS TIMING OF THE EXCURSION IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON WEATHER. We do not take bookings for specific location: please book only if you are flexible with locations and are able to devote most of the day to this activity.  You must be prepared for delays and possible cancellation/rescheduling. 

When can I go paragliding?

Let us know which day you would like to fly, and we will make a booking, if slots are available.  While you can choose the day, you can’t choose the time, as that will depend on the winds.  We might meet as early as 9AM, and as late as 4PM.

We check the forecast a day before flight and then reconfirm timing and location with you in the evening, usually around 7PM.  If the excursion is cancelled due to weather we reschedule for next earliest available date that is convenient for you.

Keep in mind that we are the pros, and we will evaluate the weather.  The wind/rain information available to general public is nowhere as detailed as the information available to us, thus you are expected to conform to our decisionmaking as it is directly related to everyone’s safety.

How long are the hikes to the takeoff location?

Once we meet at the MTR station, we’ll make our way to the trailhead.  The hikes take about 25 minutes, but obviously it depends on your performance.  One way to ensure you have an easy hike up the mountain is to show up on time so we do not need to rush.
All the hikes are on fairly rugged trails, so you most definitely need to have proper footwear (hiking or running shoes) to avoid tripping or other difficulties.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to have some good shoes (runners or hikers), and while you will do the hike in shorts and a t-shirt (it gets warm!) you definitely should bring long layers for the flight: light trousers/yoga pants/sweatpants and some sort of long-sleeve shirt or a hoodie.  This serves as thermal protection during the cooler months (October through March), as well as general abrasion protection year-round.

Additionally you will need bring :

WATER (MINIMUM 1 litre per person),




On days when we can expect a transient rainfall, bringing a small, collapsible umbrella is a good idea.

Additionally, due to the fact that we sometimes have to wait a few hours for the wind, a small snack like a granola bar is also a good idea.  Feel free to bring a whole lunch, our flight sites are great places for picnics!

Furthermore, if you are prone to air-sickness, a pill for motion sickness shortly before flight might not be a bad idea either.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide all necessary flight equipment: wings, harnesses, and reserve parachutes.

You will also be provided with mandatory safety equipment: helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads).  

Wrist guards and gloves are available, but if you have your own gloves, you are welcome to use those.

We ask that you treat our equipment with care: do not drop the helmets, and don up the kneepads/elbow pads with care to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.  Please maintain care while walking around the flight site and avoid stepping on any glider lines or fabric.  You will be reminded of this during the site briefing.

What sort of training will I undergo?

In tandem paragliding, it is important that you understand your role for the takeoff and landing.  You will be given a comprehensive pre-flight briefing which will go over the takeoff and landing procedure, and then you will have a practice session (in full kit) so you know what to expect.

In-flight, your job is quite simple: sit and enjoy!  However, you will be in charge of using the GoPro camera, as the pilot is busy flying.  A detailed explanation will be provided.

Once the pre-flight briefings are done, we’ll reassess the weather, and if all looks good, we fly!

How long are the flights?

The flights last between 10 and 20 minutes, but the precise timing is mostly up to the wind and passenger weight.  In light wind conditions we can expect shorter flights, in stronger wind conditions we can stay up a longer time. On no-wind days we have had flights as short as 8 minutes, and on breezy days as long as 45 minutes.   

In addition, passenger comfort and safety are important factors: we will cut the flight short if you are feeling uncomfortable or airsick.  Likewise, we will land if there is any sort of safety issue, such as changing weather, or an air-traffic situation.

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